Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bargain of the week.

Yesterday Mimi and I met up with one of my oldest friends and her little girl.  We went to the Tented Village in Ashford.  This is a retail outlet centre.  It is usually full of a load of old rubbish, however it is a great place to pick up good stuff for Mimi.  And this trip was no exception.

This week right up until the 26th Gap have a 30% off voucher which you just need to print off from their website. This combined with their standard discount meant that I managed to get a whopping 55% off a beautiful coat and a bundle of other bits and bobs for Mimi.  The coat went from £32.00 down to less than £15 - What a bargain!!!!

Mimi trying out her new clothes at the Tented Village.

Every Thursday we go to music for an hour in one of the outlying villages.  Mimi loves it and comes home singing all of her little songs.  Its really quite cute.  We all sit in a big circle and join in.  The class isn't very big - probably about 6-10 children and it is quite structured.  We sing a few songs, learn about a different musical instrument each week which we all get to try and then we finish with sleeping bunnies which seems to be a favourite.

This afternoon Mimi spent some of her time painting with some water colours I had forgotten I had.  She was sitting quite happily in the high chair in the kitchen whilst I was cooking the tea.  I was turned for about a min and when I looked back she had tried to paint herself as a tiger.

I think we will go and get some proper face paints at the weekend.

 She then proceeded to sit Mr Doggy at the table and feed him some of the rabbits lettuce in an upturned Frisbee.

We have also taken to dressing up all the time and pretending to be a princess.  She is becoming quite obsessed with it.

Check out this crazy baby.

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