Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wish List's

Mimi has started to get a concept of what a Birthday might mean and hence her "Birthday Wish List" is growing by the day!!!!

This is today's list.  Unfortunately for poor Mimi her Birthday is not until May.  So between now and then I am sure that it will change.  The other day she told Pa that she was going to get a "Pink" Aeroplane!

1:   Slinky the Dog from Toy Story.
2:   Buzz Light Year
3:   Play-Doh (although Mimi does have a tendency to eat it!  YUCK!)

Earlier I was talking to Mike about it.  I am undecided about this.  Do you think it is wrong to buy a present for Easter instead of a traditional Easter Egg?  On the one hand I do think it's wrong, it misses the whole point of Easter and it will end up becoming another gift giving session, however on the flip side she will end up with so much chocolate that she will end up looking like an Easter Egg.........Ummmmmm food for thought plenty of time to decide!!

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