Sunday, 12 February 2012

All Change

Friday was officially my last day at work.  I was really nervous about going in to work but actually I had a lovely day, finished with a good evening out - (although I drank far too much and suffered all day yesterday!)  Everybody was very generous and I was presented with some great gifts.  One of them being lovely pink bag (I have a love of handbags - but hey which girl doesn't!) which Mimi instantly took a shine to.

Gosh this was taken quite early on in the evening - I think?

With a new day and a clear head I am looking forward to what the future might bring.  I think top of my list is to sort this house out! I am still working on my 101 in 1001 and I have plenty of craft projects on the go which need completing, and of course I am looking forward to the Brit Mums Live.

My day was made even better when I came home and found my huge box of Jelly Belly's which I won courtesy of Munchkins.

Yesterday when we woke up our kitchen was a balmy 8 degrees and outside it was -6, this morning it is slightly warmer at -4.7.  The wind finally decided to drop off enough that I felt it wasn't too cold to take Mimi outside to build a snowman. I needed the fresh air!  However our snowman became a snow blob because the snow was so powdery that we just could not form it in to a ball.  It is crazy we have now had this snow on the ground for over a week.  Wonder if we will get any more?  I don't think winter has finished with us just yet.  My onions looked like they needed some water but I was a bit worried about watering them in-case the water froze and ruined them.

Here is to change.  One door closes and another one opens.  I wonder what fate will bring us.


  1. glad your last day at work went well.. I also won some yummy jelly belly beans from Munchkins :) mine have pretty much disapeared already... so much for me getting to enjoy them alone!
    I'm sure change will bring good things to you :) x

  2. Change is good. Hope you're looking forward to it! Will be nice to hopefully meet you at Brit Mums.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement.



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