Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spots & Stripes

Dress & Leggings GAP SALE; Kicker Boots (in the SALE!)

Someone has become obsessed with dressing themselves!!!  Initially I found this to be fairly traumatic.  She will only wear dresses, skirts, tights and occasionally leggings.  There are cupboards full of really cute Monsoon romper suits and trousers which have never been worn.  Previously I would try and force her to wear the clothes I wanted her to wear only to turn round two minutes later to find her taking them all off again, either that or we would have a total melt down resulting in screaming and throwing ourselves on the floor.  As you can imagine when you are running late and trying to get out of the door this is less than the perfect start to a day.  In the evenings Mimi will tell me what she intends to wear to playschool the next day to show her little friend N.  Sometimes we end up with some strange combinations, however she is happy and I have learnt to deal with it.  In fact I might sell some of her unworn clothes on ebay.  I wonder if I was this fashion concious when I was her age!?

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