Thursday, 12 January 2012

What a busy day - Music, Shopping, Baking!

We have had a busy few days.  Music started again today after the Christmas break, it really is hard to think that Christmas was only a matter of weeks ago, it truly feels like months!!! 

We took George Bear with us.  This week we learnt how to play the guitar.

We had an exhausting trip around Sainsbury's.  People were looking at me as if I was some crazed woman.  Mimi was being a horror.  It started when I tried to get her out of the car she told me she wasn't coming and wanted to wait in the car, she refused to sit in the trolley seat so against my better judgement I let her sit in the trolley however she took this to mean that she could stamp on everything that went into the trolley, after a while when my blueberries got stamped on I got really hacked off with this and tried to make her sit in the seat.  This resulted in her screaming the shop down and a complete melt down.  So in a moment of madness I marched her to the large mat just inside the front door of Sainsbury's and made her do her time on the naughty mat.  It did the trick and the remainder of the trip round Sainsbury's went relatively incident free.  I think I am going to have to go shopping without her for a while as I don't know if my nerves can take it.  Just recounting the story now is making me want to have a glass of wine!  You know what its like, you only have 30mins left on the car, you only need a couple of things and you think the shops wont be too busy but they are always filled with old women with walking sticks who seem to follow you round the whole store giving you "The Glare".

Having finally got our shopping we made it home in one piece.  After both of us having a well needed afternoon nap I decided that we would bake some biscuits.  We looked through the books and Mimi chose to make these Chocolate Wheaten Biscuits.

This is what they should have looked like!
Ours didn't look too much like these.
But we had fun making them.
The only problem was Mimi eating more than we cooked.
I caught her licking one of the chocolate drops which she then put on top of the biscuit to be baked!  Yum!

We made Annabel Karmels chicken curry for tea but Mimi wasn't too keen on it.  I think I might have added a bit too much Korma paste for her.  But she did get what she said was the best pudding ever!!!

The "Best Pudding" ever.
Ice Cream, Smarties, Sprinkles and Toffee Sauce.

Somehow before bed she managed to hurt her nose.  I am not quite too sure how she managed it but she poked herself up the nose with an alice band (you know the headbands which are made from plastic).  Bless it must have really hurt.

Work tomorrow, but only four weeks left!!!  It looks like we might get a child free evening on Saturday.  We have been invited to a party and I think that we are going to leave Mimi at my Mums for the night.  


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