Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Watt Loss Challenge

I think that we are pretty thrifty in our house when it comes to conserving energy.
To paint the picture our house is right on the coast, the only things other than the English Channel between us and France are a field and a pebble beach.  Built somewhere in the 20's with solid brick walls and Crittall windows, (some of which face due North) our house in the Winter can be rather chilly and expensive to run so we try to conserve as much energy as possible.

Not long ago we undertook some decorating and replaced some of our ceiling lights for spot lights on a track.  The bulbs for these lights are not as energy efficient as the LED equivalent.  Always looking for ways to save energy and pennies my husband decided to replace all of the bulbs in our new lights with the LED ones.  This sounded great - this was until we turned them on.  LED lights do not seem to emit as much light as standard bulbs and after a couple of days it was driving me potty.  A solution had to be sought to prevent poor Michael from being hen pecked and all the bulbs being returned.

Our compromise has been to have half and half.  Whilst this may not have been the most efficient option it is still better than using just the normal energy spot light bulbs and as a combination they produce an adequate supply of light.

Kitchen light with 2 normal spot light bulbs

Kitchen light with the 2 remaining light bulbs which are LED 

We have done the same in the bathroom. 2 normal, 2 LED.

You can buy all of these lights at B&Q or similar shops.

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Watt Loss Challenge

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  1. Lighting seems a sensitive topic amongst energy savers. Getting it right can be tricky. x



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