Sunday, 27 November 2011

New start?!?

I have eventually decided that when something isn't right its time to quit.
Taking my inspiration from Mackenzie over at Design Darling I have its time to take control.  Sometimes its all too easy to sit there saying what if, what if.  So here we go!

Starting my blog is one of the best things I have done in years.  Since starting it back in the Summer I have become a regular reader of Design Darling.  I have been inspired by her post 101 in a 1001.  A list of a 101 things to complete in 1001 days.  Having read her progress over a few months I have decided to give it ago myself.  Although the process of thinking of 101 things was much harder than I anticipated it to be.  To write the whole list would be way too much to digest so as I tick them off I will upload them.  Hopefully I will have a few to upload tomorrow.

In the mean time Mike and I went to the Sailing Club Prize Giving last night.  I was very proud to see Mike had managed to pick up Second Place in the Sunday Points Series.  Funny old world though.  I used to go Sailing when I was in my Teens and last attended the Prize Giving about 15 years ago, but it was like going back in time with the same people winning the majority of prizes, the same menu the same jokes.  However there was a slight deviation from the standard retro meal as the Turkey had run away and some of us had Chicken instead.

Check out the Shoes!!!  
Mike checking out his RETRO meal!

Mike with his prize!
We had a lovely evening catching up with a lot of old friends.  However I did find one woman particularly rude.  She was always rude when we were younger however this takes the biscuit!!!  She overheard another conversation that I was having in which we were talking about one of my friends who is pregnant again.  This rude woman thought we were talking about me being pregnant.  I told her that I wasn't and that I just eat too much, but she kept banging on about it so I said go and ask Mike.  To my horror she actually did and when he too told her I wasn't pregnant she then proceeded to ask if he knew who the father was.  What a cheek.  Not only this when I turned round to speak to someone else her partner then said to me "Well you hope your'e not".  How rude!!!  I know I could do with loosing a few pounds and this is one of my 101's but for someone who has a bit of a complex about my tummy this is quite upsetting.  What is the matter with some people????

What are you all planning for your Sunday?  I think I might make my Christmas Cakes for my Christmas Hampers I am planning.  Then we have friends round for dinner.  Oh not to forget I have to start planning my "Higher Order Questions" ready for my lesson observation at school tomorrow.

HAPPY SUNDAY, 4 Weeks today is Christmas Day.


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